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Ихтиологи обнаружили ходящую акулу

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Меченосец— симпсон

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Меченосец — симпсон (Xiphophorus helleri Heckel, 1848 Poeciliidae) В 1907 году...


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Меченосец — живородящая рыба семейства пецилид отряда карпозубообразные. Мечен...

Меланохромис золотой

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Меланохромис золотой (Melanochromis auratus (Boulenger, 1897) Clchlidae) По-ла...

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Modern system which really works !
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01.06.2020 14:46



IntisTele is a massive system which can find solution for varied requests. This mechanism helps to send bulk text effortlessly.

Main part

Due to the fast tempo of our life and especially eager to gain time - a vast majority of people prefer SMS as long as this kind is the quickest and the most comfortable for busy people. .

+ and -

The usage of IntisTele system has a lot of strengths. For example:

Easy to use. Your task is to log in and replenish the balance. Now you are ready to give a assignment or share the important information.

Delivery speed. A quick way to deliver SMS is about the Intis Telecommunication system. The era of homer and fax machine are things of the past.

Nowadays texting is one of the most fastest ways of having virtual conversation.

Concerning disadvantages of this way of having conversation could be named the lack of guarantees, that written bulk texting will be delivered to the addressee.

The average time of SMS delivery is from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (if only area you are settled has network coverage).


Which prospects are possible for departments and industries?

Solutions by department

Every company faces such thing as optimization of every single operation. This should be done for satisfying user's needs.

SMS is a beneficial solution for marketers. Bulk texting system is a useful tool for reaching each of marketing aims. For example:

Gaining of statistics thanks to message campaigns.

Bulk texting could be implemented of the department`s everyday routine. This software  is ready to help:

web developers are able to integrate Intis Telecommunication API gateway.

Owing to this option you are able to deliver multiple  SMS, send HRL requests.

Unlimited testing access to IntisTele messages software allows debugging your unique operating program solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for C#.

IntisTele plugins and widgets are created to smooth integration of most major CMS (WordPress).

Bulk texting commands are a rescue for sysadmins because they can set distant administration and server management.

Notify timely about the issues.

You do not necessary need internet access, because all servers can be provided by SMS commands.

Business owners also could arrange the employees' schedule owing to the SMS software. Define tasks for your coworkers.

On the website you can find an understandable web interface, payment options that matches every pocket and a very attractive affiliate program. With the help of SMS software:

It is possible to obtain simple access to in-system operations. Two components that you require to use bulk texting service are the Internet and browser.

Clients able to use Visa while using this service..

Everybody will be happy by the speed of SMS transferring.

Solutions by industry

The SMS software solution is perfect choice for transport. Bulk texting system solves a range of problems of different spheres in various industries.

With bulk texting solutions banks could propose the best service for the customers.

It is a excellent solution for e-commerce. With SMS system there is an alternative to establish notifications concerning special sales.

SMS software is the best solution advance travel & transport actions and make customers have the best adventure in the time of thr journeys.

Bulk texting is a decision for startups and IT. This application is necessary for websites.

Bulk texting alert to serve security. It is applicable for public safety services.

Prices for SMS

It is easy to refill your balance and choose the amount of money which you can provide. Intis Telecommunication could offer various methods of funding the balance. For example, Credit cards.

Application Programming Interface

API is a mode, with the help of which one device can to cooperate with the other device. The mechanism was created to mix different applications in one complex.

With API you are free to have a list of contacts

It can be introduced to BPM.

Instructions for writing the best SMS

Do message targeted. Break the database into individual categories by gender.

And finally you can send offers only to those who show an interest in service.

Integrate call-to-action into your bulk texting mail-outs. Your text of SMS should include information which will inspire the potential client make a move. To achieve the desired outcome, do not forget to leave your phone number.

Make all the significant conditions for clients to come and after that you are more likely to reach conversion rates.

Do not forget to say your name. Do not hesitate to indicate your name right at the beginning of your text message. This technique will attract extra attention to your SMS and make the message unique. Customers will constantly know who addresses them.

Information sources: https://www.intistele.com/



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